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Bike to Work Guide

Plan Your Route

According to our research, the average Two Wheel Gear commuter rides about 8 miles (12.8 km) one way to work. That's about 40-45 mins of time on your bike so it's important to make sure that you are comfortable with both the distance and the surroundings on your route. The number one thing to keep in mind when planning your route is safety. Aim for quieter streets or roads with designated bike lanes and always do a test ride to get familiar with the route before you head out on the road.

Two Wheel Gear Commuter Survey

Google Bike Maps

Google Bike Maps is a great way to view routes that are safe for cyclists and can give you an idea of how many options you have for your commute.


Strava Heat Maps

Strava Heat Maps will show you where users frequently ride. Brighter streets are more popular for commuters and are usually more safe.



The best time to start biking to work is now.