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Bike to Work Guide

Pack Your Bag & Bike

Two Wheel Gear Garment Pannier with everything that goes in it.

Depending on your dress code and job, the nitty gritty might change, but for the most part, every Two Wheel Gear commuter will tell you they have an assortment of the following in their bag:

  • Work clothes - Full suit or simple change
  • Shoes
    Tip: keep your work shoes under your desk
  • Accessories (tie,belt, cufflinks, jewelry)
  • Socks / Underwear
    Tip: keep extra set in your desk
  • Towel, toiletry kit, makeup or anything you need to spruce up
  • Laptop, charger, Keys, Wallet, Phone, FOB/Key card
  • Lunch or Snacks
  • Bike lock 


Commuter Tip

Make sure you keep these three essential bike tools on hand:

  • Tire Pump / Mini Hand Pump 
  • Spare Inner Tube or Patch Kit
  • Multi-tool (Screwdriver, Hex Wrenches, Tire Levers)

Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack Large


Become a pro at hauling anything on a bike!

Tom has made this great little video of hauling all the A's, B's, and C's (as in "Couches") by bicycle. Check it out to see the options!

The best time to start biking to work is now.