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Bike to Work Guide

Choose your Bike

Choosing the right bike is the first step towards commuting with ease. With so many options it's important to keep in mind that no two commutes are alike and having the right bike for your route and style of ride is crucial.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing your bike:

  • How far will you be commuting?
  • Will you be using roads or trails?
  • Is public transport a part of your commuting?
  • Where will you be storing your bike?

Understanding how and where you plan to commute is the first step toward choosing the right bike.


Hybrid Commuter Bike

Hybrid Commuter Bike

Best for: General Commuting

Why we like them: These are a blend of road, touring and mountain bikes that offer front shocks for a smoother ride. Hybrids have all-around attributes for weather and road conditions and are well set up with rack, bottle and fender mounts.

Our Pick: Specialized Cross Trail

 Electric Commuting Bike

Electric Bikes

Best for: Longer, Hilly commuting

Why we like them: Easier to ride on routes with hills, inclines, and rough terrain and gets you to your destination faster with the pedal assist motors.

Our Pick: OHM Electric Bikes

 Road Commuting Bike

Road Bikes

Best for: Experienced, Urban Commuting

Why we like them: A "road bike" is a general term but typically means a bike meant for travelling on paved surfaces at speed. They don't have shocks or anything that would typically slow the ride down. Usually, they will have drop bars, and loads of gears and are considerably lighter than other bikes on the market.

Our Pick: Brodie Bikes

 Folding Commuter Bike

Folding Bikes

Best for: Multimodal Commuting

Why we like them: Folding bikes are perfect if you need to jump on a bus or train during your commute and can be easily stored when not in use. Follow our Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Aldrin Pelicano @MNLMoves as he commutes through Manila on a folding bike.

Our Pick: Tern Link D8


 Commuter Tip

Regular Tune-Ups

There are few sweeter pleasures than riding a freshly-tuned commuting machine. Take care of your chain, brakes, tire pressure, spokes, gears, headsets and wheels. Show your bike some live with a professional tune-up ($35-$75) or do it yourself for free regularly throughout the season.

Bike Tune-Ups

The best time to start biking to work is now.