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Bike to Work Guide

Plan Your Arrival

Where to Park Your Bike

Ideally, you may have access to bike parking in your building’s parkade. Find out! Invest in an annual bike stall if possible. Bring your bike into your office or park outside in a public place. For tips on parking your bike check out the Bike to Work Blog.

Two Wheel Gear Garment Pannier

No shower? No worries.

If your workplace doesn’t offer shower and change room facilities, you still have options for getting cleaned up once you hit the office.

Find a gym nearby your workplace that does.
A lot of commuters stop at their local YMCA or gym before work. You can shower and sometimes even lock your bike there for the day. Then casually stroll over to the office feeling like a million. Many cities are also starting to offer cycling centers that boast bike lockers, repair centers and shower facilities that can be joined for various membership periods. Google search your city!

The showerless wipe down.
This one is self-explanatory. You can pack a small towel or wet wipes to give yourself a spruce up in the bathroom. 

Multi-Modal Transit.
Investigate if you can take your bike on the train or bus for a portion of the ride. This significantly cuts down on the amount of work (and sweat) required to complete the trip. You might even be able to wear your work clothes on the commute.

    The best time to start biking to work is now.