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Expédition neutre en carbone avec Shopify Planet
Expédition neutre en carbone pour toutes les commandes
suppressions des émissions carbones des expéditions
Cela correspond à...
kilomètres parcourus par une voiture à essence standard
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Capture directe du dioxyde de carbone
Huile bio
Créé avec Shopify Planet

Environmental Standards

We are always searching for new ways to innovate and improve. 

Since 2022, all of our new fabrics are 100% recycled, waterproof poly fabrics. This durable new material is being incorporated into all of our designs and colours going forward.

Over the next few years we’ll be exploring new ways to reduce our packaging and minimize our carbon footprint.


United in the pursuit to reduce ecological harm.

Two Wheel Gear designs and builds products that empowers people to use their bicycles more and their vehicles less. At the same time, we recognize that making any product will impact the environment and the health of our planet. We endlessly seek out new materials and methods to further reduce our impact both locally and globally.

Two Wheel Gear’s entire product line makes cycling, walking and mass transit more practical for everyone, which makes a meaningful impact already, but to make sure we never lose sight of our mission, we’re making our commitment known with the following commitments to ourselves and our community:



We use all Bluesign® approved mills for the sourcing of our fabrics and Bluesign® certified factories for manufacturing for the production of goods. We use recycled and/or natural materials as much as possible in all of our products.  


Our current hang-tags and header cards utilize recycled content. The poly-bags that we package products in for shipping are all compost-able. Our goal is to continue to push to find ways to avoid poly-bags and other single-use plastics throughout our supply chain.



There is no doubt that moving product around the world is a large part of the environmental impact of any brand. We try to use ocean shipping as much as possible and consolidate our shipments to as few vessels as possible. All of our customer shipments are carbon neutral and help to fund innovative companies involved in direct air capture, bio oil and mineralization. 


End of Life

Our bags are designed and built to last and should serve for years if not decades. We work with our vendors and customers to repair broken parts as much as possible without scrapping whole bags. The reality is that eventually, all products wear out. We provide discount codes to customers that returned old bags that have reached the end of their life. We deconstruct our end of life products and recycle or re-use as much material as possible.


Restricted Substances

PVC, PTFE, PFAS, BPA, Heavy metals including: Lead, Cadmium, Chromium VI, Nickel Release. Full Details on RSL items to be finalized by the end of 2024.


Have specific questions about our products or practices?

Check out our customer service section or reach our directly through email at