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FAQ - Pannier Backpack Convertible

What is the Pannier Backpack Convertible? 

The Pannier Backpack Convertible is a bicycle bag designed to attach to your bike rack when riding and then can be converted into a backpack when walking. It also comes in 3 sizes/styles: LITE (22 Liter), PLUS (30 Liter) and Alpha (25 Liter). We created this to be the go to daypack for people commuting to work or using their bike on a daily basis.

The bag's functionality and features enable any cyclist to use the same bag for work commuting, bike touring and travel. 

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible Description


How does the pannier to backpack conversion work? 

It takes about 10 seconds to convert between the two modes.

1) Pannier Mode: The back compartment unzips exposing the adjustable rack mounting clips and centre lock. The backpack straps get tucked down into this back compartment. With a quick roll, the zipper flap also tucks into the back compartment. The bag can then be positioned on your bike rack and the centre lock can be engaged. This provides a safety mechanism to prevent the pannier popping off your rack. The short lower straps that connect into either backpack strap now clip together to fasten the pannier securely to the side of your bike rack.

2) Backpack Mode: The backpack straps are pulled out of the rear compartment and the mounting components are zipped away behind the foam padded back plate. Each backpack strap then clips into the matching quick release buckle of the short lower straps. The backpack strap length can then be adjusted with a quick pull for a comfortable fit.  

How to convert a Two Wheel Gear bag from pannier to backpack

How do I attach the pannier to my rack? 

STEP 1.  Set the pannier mounting clips on the rack. The mounting clips are adjustable horizontally and will work with racks from 6 mm - 16 mm.

    STEP 2.  Secure the red centre spring latch so that it hooks under the main rack bar. This is a locking mechanism to ensure the bag doesn't pop off the rack.

    STEP 3. Attach the two small strap quick release buckles (at the bottom of the pannier) around the side of the rack. This keeps the pannier secure.

    Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Instructions 


    Is it waterproof?

    Two Wheel Gear bags are made of extremely durable, recycled waterproof fabrics that are highly water resistant. We use waterproof zippers where appropriate and shield other zippers with cover flaps where it makes sense. We try to balance high quality, waterproof features while keeping our bags attainable in price. We don't claim our panniers to be fully waterproof as they don't have fully welded seams and can't be submerged underwater without some seepage. Two Wheel Gear bags also come with an additional rain cover to protect the seams and zippers in torrential downpours.

    Two Wheel Gear recycled waterproof fabrics


    Is the rain cover included?

    Yes. The rain cover is included in the pocket where you see the umbrella icon of every pannier in the line. 

    In seriously wet and dark weather, it is recommended to use the additional rain cover which protects the seams and zippers and provides a lot of extra visibility. The rain cover can be used in pannier mode or backpack mode. It is fluorescent neon with reflective details to also keep you seen in low light conditions. There is also a loop to hook an additional flashing light. 


    Is it sustainably made?

    Yes, we take steps all along our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint and focus on the most sustainable practices for producing and shipping our products. Since 2022, all new products are made with 100% recycled waterproof Ripstop fabric. Our factory is Bluesign® certified utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices. Our packaging (hang tags, header cards, poly bags, boxes all utilize recycled materials and are biodegradable. We bulk batch our international shipments and ship carbon neutral for all customer deliveries. Read more about our environmental standards here.


    What is the pannier attachment system? 

    All Two Wheel Gear panniers use the German made KLICKfix Kompakt Rail pannier mounting system. This is the quickest and most durable system from Rixen & Kaul to mount your pannier and the easiest to adjust the placement of your mounting hooks. There is a top button on each of the hooks that allow them to slide on the rail horizontally for adjusting rack placement. A heavy duty red spring latch is used to secure the pannier once the bag is placed on the rack. Just push down on the red springs to lock the mechanism around your rack. The Kompakt Rail will system will work with most standard bike racks sized from 6-16 mm (even E-Bikes with batteries integrated into the rear carrier). 

    Two Wheel Gear - Kompakt Rail Pannier Mounting System


    Can I replace the Kompakt Rail pannier system if it is damaged?

    Yes. You can replace a damaged Kompakt Rail or upgrade an older pannier system (on a Two Wheel Gear bag) to the new Kompakt Rail system. Unlike other pannier makers, Two Wheel Gear bags provide access to the mounting hardware that allows upgrades or replacements. 

    To repair/replace the Kompakt Rail: 

    Inside the laptop pocket, there is a flap that is secured flat by a velcro strip. Pull this flap up to expose the hardware that attaches the Kompakt Rail. There are 4 screws to remove. This will remove the broken Kompakt Rail system. Simply put the new Kompakt Rail in place and tighten up the 4 screws (there will be new hardware that comes with the replacement part as well). Once the new Kompakt Rail is installed, your pannier will be back in business.
    Two Wheel Gear - KLICKfix Kompakt Rail Dimensions

    How much can the Kompakt Rail be adjusted by sliding the hooks along the rail? 

    Widest Setting: When the hooks are slid out to their widest positions on the kompakt rail, the distance between hooks is 5" (inside of hooks) and 6.5" (outside of hooks)
      Closest Setting: When the hooks are slid closest together on the kompakt rail, the distance between the hooks is 2" (inside the hooks) and 3.75" (outside of hooks).

      You can adjust each hook independently by pushing the top button on the hook to slide each hook from side to side. 


      How do I attach my helmet?

      Unloop the top hooks on the front of the bag from the lower loop. Loop your helmet chin strap behind each of the top hooks (we suggest using the triangle ear pieces of the strap) and reattach the top hook to the lower loops. That will lock either side of your helmet strap into the top hooks and your helmet should sit nicely on the back of the bag. You can also use these hooks for attaching more gear (extra bags, coffe cups, lights, etc).
      Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack with Helmet

      Where is the u-lock pocket?

      This pocket is essentially the same as the rain cover pocket (umbrella icon). It is designed so a standard U-Lock can tuck inside and zip up. Larger U-locks can also be conveniently slid into the front pocket with the zipper left open. 

      What is the minimum and maximum length of the backpack straps?

      Pannier Backpack LITE
      Minimum = 24" inches
      Maximum = 37" inches 
      Pannier Backpack PLUS
      Minimum = 26" inches
      Maximum = 39" inches


      What kind of bike rack works best? 

      The majority of the bike racks on the market work great. The Kompakt Rail works with various rack size thickness (6-16 mm) and will slide to adjust for the best fit. The lower strap will clip in behind any vertical rack bar to secure the sides of the pannier. 

      Some of the most common racks our customers use are Topeak, Blackburn, Filzer, or Axiom, however, any local bike shop will have an excellent option. Email us with any specific questions (or send a quick photo of your bike rack) if you want to double check your setup.

      Suggested Racks for Cantilever Brakes:

      Suggested Racks for Disc Brakes:


      Will my laptop fit? 

      You can measure your physical laptop dimensions to make sure it fits in each pannier backpack model as in the chart below. 

      How to measure your laptop dimensions: 

      Laptop Physical Dimensions

      Bag Model

      Fits Laptops

      Laptop Pocket Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)

      LITE 15.6" 14.5" x 10" x 1"
      PLUS 17" 18" x 11.5" x 2"
      ALPHA 17" 17.5" x 11.5" x 1.5" 
      MAGNATE 17" 17.5" x 11" x 2"



      Is it carry-on compliant? 

      Yes. All pannier backpack models are carry-on tested across multiple airlines across North America, Europe and Asia.  The pannier backpack works great for all travel applications as your go-to daypack. 


      What is the strap inside the rain cover pouch used for? 

      Most specifically a key ring. This is a convenient point to strap your keys so you always know where they are. It is also used to strap to the rain cover.


      Does the pannier backpack work with folding bikes?

      Yes, all pannier backpack models work with most folding bikes with at least 10 inch sized wheels. The Pannier Backpack LITE is recommended for folding bikes on the small side. When the LITE is mounted to the rack, it measures 14 inches from the rack bar to the lowest point of the pannier. Measure your folding bike to check for enough clearance.

      Two Wheel Gear - Bike Pannier - Folding Bike


        What does it look like when it's shipped/unboxed?


        Questions? We're along for the ride. 

        Send us an e-mail at