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Commuter Testimonials



What Do Our Customers Say?

I am so pleased with your original product--I've used it almost everyday for the past 7 years (OK, maybe 6.5) and it is still in great shape. The new bag just looks too good to resist...Thanks for a great product and great customer service!

- Adam, (Washington, DC)

“The Two Wheel Gear Bicycle Commuter Pannier solved my bicycle commuting problems! No more wrinkled clothes. No more planning what to wear a week in advance and making a special trip to the office to drop off clothes. Now I choose what I want to wear in the morning, load up the Commuter Pannier, attach the bag to the bike – which takes about 10 seconds – and away I ride. The bag has plenty of well organized storage space – it holds long skirts, shoes, briefcase contents, lunch and bike gear such as pump & lock. Well designed, sturdy and easy to carry both on & off the bike. Now, it would be tough for me to do without it”

- Carol (Bethesda, Maryland)

“You have a great product. I've used it for many years, and even with a couple big accidents it has held up remarkably well. Keep up the great work!

- Shawn (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

I wanted to email you to say thanks for your page, I volunteer with a youth group where we have different activities for local kids. We are starting a bike sharing program, so we wanted to find some cycling resources to share with the kids. Your webpage has some great stuff - thanks for all the help! :-)

- Cathryn (Baker County)

“As a bike commuter that wears a suit at work, I find the Southwest perfect for keeping my suits in good shape and dry during the Vancouver commutes.  I have found it has unmatched durability and functionality”

- David (Vancouver, Canada)

"I just want to thank you for your great garment bag. I work for Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and thousands of people are watching me while on stage. My dress has to be just perfect. But the problem is that I am a passionate cyclist (as well as passionate musician). I've tried many options of transportation my tails (tuxido) before I found Two Wheel Gear. The biggest problem for me was that I could not carry my suit on myself because my viola is there so the rack pannier was the only option. The other pannier garment bags on the market are kinda...narrow and short. This "compromise" is not acceptable for my situation. Thanks for a great product!"

- Anton (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

"I think you have a great product.  And I’m looking forward to the 2.0 version.  I began commuting by bike in 1986 and have ridden well over 50,000 miles commuting in the Phoenix area since then.  Your bike bag is the best one I’ve ever used. You have a great product and it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!"

- Kent (Phoenix, Arizona)

“I am very pleased with the commuting panniers. They are exactly what I needed and function beautifully. I bike to a train station, lock my bike in a bike locker, and take the train to work. I can carry the pannier very easily on the train and to my job. I am a nurse and initially I got some strange looks walking through the hospital to my unit. I think they were just jealous. Thanks for making such a great product.”

- Kim (Washington, DC)

“Good value for the $. Had the features I was looking for, such as the ability to carry garments, additional wheel clearance, and reflective material on the back. Also I recall seeing more than one recommendation from bike commuting websites.”

- Brad (Spokane, Washington)

“Good solid product. I use it every day. I commute on my mountain bike 4 miles on a gravel road.”

- Mike (Burnaby, British Columbia)

“I have had my 2WG bag for about 8 years now. It is still awesome!! Takes a beating from the AZ sun and the occasional drizzle. Well worth the investment!!”

- Dave (Pheonix, Arizona)

“I just thought I would let you know how happy I am with the Two Wheel Gear bike bag I bought from you in October of last year. I have used it for more than four months now, riding at least 4 days a week to work and it has performed spectacularly. My suits come out of the bag as if they just came off the hanger in my closet.”

Paul (Vancouver, British Columbia)

“It’s all about the bag.”

- Dave (Calgary, Alberta)

“I bought my Pannier several months ago and it’s been great. No complaints but lots of compliments. I bought this last pannier as a present for a friend and he really likes it too. Keep up the excellent work.”

- Brian (Chicago, Illinois)

“There are very few panniers where you can put work dress clothes in them and they stay straight. I had other standard touring panniers and rolling up my dress shirts and slacks left them in bad condition when I got to work. I like the outer pockets also. They are perfect for a pair of dress shoes and a lunch. The top pouch is perfect for my emergency gear.”

- Sarah (Annandale, New South Wales)

“Wow, what a great bag! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Greig (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my thoughts on your garment bag for commuting. Well, it is great! I have now been commuting to work (70 miles/day) with my cyclocross bike and my suit is always in prime condition. I do not get the chance to ride in every day, but at least 3 times a week. My commute takes me from a suburb of Washington DC in Maryland to DC, across the Potomac River into Virginia and west to a town called Reston. This area has some of the heaviest car traffic in the USA. My actual ride takes only 30 minutes longer than if in the car. I also put my suit and shirt in the “cleaners bag” the clear plastic bag you get from the dry cleaners. This really makes sure you have no funky clothes. I would highly recommend your product and recommend if you’re thinking of commuting by bike, just do it. Thank you again.”

- Jeff (Washington, DC)