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Two Wheel Gear Co-Labs

 Teaming up with like minded companies and brands

Two Wheel Gear Co-Labs stems from a collective mission to get more people commuting by bike (especially to work). This includes product collaborations, bike to work corporate programs and advocacy work with organizations that make it easier to commute by bike. 

Why Co-Labs?

Strategic partnerships help us grow our brand, expand our company mission (getting more people biking to work) and spread our best in class manufacturing and technology in a controlled capacity. We oversee all collaborations with other awesome brands to help bring products to life that align with our beliefs. 

 We also team up with amazing companies in completely unrelated industries that want to expand their corporate bike culture. Lastly, we sponsor, donate prizes, and help promote causes that contribute to the reason we started this company in the first place... Getting more people biking to work.

Our Mission

To achieve our mission of growing and enabling the movement of bike commuters, we need to get out of our own box and partner with other great people and companies. We are small as an individual company, but when we put our power into a unified movement with like minded people and businesses, our influence is exponentially amplified.  

Co-Labs has grown from simply our own company making bags for commuters to partnering with other companies working in a similar space (yes, this even includes other bike bag companies).


We started out in the basement workshop making bags by hand. We focus on doing one thing at a time amazingly well. Our design philosophy is simple: make the best gear possible for biking to work.


Bike commuting is an adventure. Weather, traffic and obstacles along the way. You need to trust in your gear. We use the best materials, construction and functional design thinking to overcome anything you encounter along the ride.


Each Two Wheel Gear piece is designed with a commuter-first approach. We believe that panniers are best for carrying gear on the bike and should be balanced with organization and intelligent off bike carry functionality. 

Co-Labs Partners

Become a Co-Labs Partner

Email us at with your name, organization, and goals to work together!

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