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The Best Bike Handlebar Bags Of 2024

Written by: Reid Hemsing



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Handlebar bags are a great addition to your bikes. These compact bags give you more space and act as great complements to pannier and saddle bags. Unlike panniers and other bike packing bags, handlebar bags can latch onto most bicycles because they latch onto the handle instead of specialized racks.

Like panniers, different handlebar bags and pockets serve different purposes and needs. To help you find the one that suits your needs, we've collected the best handlebar bags of 2024. 

Pick any of these bags and give your daily commute, bike packing, and tours the convenience that you desire.

10 Best Bike Handlebar Bags

We chose the following 10 best handlebar bags based on the following criteria:

  • Durability: Each of the bags is made with durable materials that offer great protection from the elements.
  • Variable Space: The bags have varying spaces for people with different needs.
  • Compatibility: The bags we've selected are compatible with almost all types of bikes.

Our list of the 10 best bike handlebar bags of 2024 includes:

1. Clutch Bar Bag

Name Clutch Bar Bag
Brand Two Wheel Gear
Storage Capacity 1.5 Litres
Materials 600D Poly Ripstop Fabric, TPU Waterproof Coating
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes, inner mesh compartments
Compatible With Gravel, Mountain, Touring, and Road Bikes
Price $75

More about the clutch bar bag

With 1.5 litres of space and a compact and durable design, the Clutch Bar Bag is the perfect bag for everyday commuters, backpackers, and campers. This small but nifty bag has a tack strap mounting system, which allows you to attach it to a gravel bike, mountain bike, or another type of bicycle.

The bag has inside mesh pockets for cards, keys, and other small items. Each bag also has a shoulder strap, so you can remove it and carry it around wherever you go. It's a great bag for everyone, and we recommend using it with a Two Wheel Gear Pannier.

2. Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag

Name Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag
Brand Two Wheel Gear
Storage Capacity 3 Litres
Materials 600D Polyester, TPU Waterproof Coating
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With  Most standard bikes
Price $69

More about the dayliner mini handlebar bag

The Dayliner Mini is a fully waterproof bike handlebar bag that latches onto your handlebar in seconds. The bag is quite spacious, with a storage capacity of 3 liters. The roll-top closure and waterproof design make the Dayliner a great bike touring bag, with peerless versatility and usability.

The Dayliner has a Quick Slide Buckle attachment system, so you can attach and remove it in a few seconds. When you're ready to hop off the cycle, you can use the shoulder straps to turn your Dayliner into a nifty tote bag

When you're ready to get off the bike, sling it over your shoulder with the straps and explore until your heart is happy.

3. Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

Name Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag
Brand Chrome Industries
Storage Capacity 3 Litres of Space
Materials Tough Tarp Exterior and PU Coated Zippers
Is It Waterproof? Water-Resistant
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Most Types of Bikes
Price $45
chrome helix handlebar bag

More about the chrome helix handlbar bag

The Chrome Helix handlebar bag is a mix of quality, style, and comfort. The Helix bag has 3 liters of space, an outer mesh pocket for easy storage, and a stowed-away sling strap for mobility when you're not on the bike. The water-resistant outer cover is reinforced by a PU-coated zipper, unfortunately, it won't help you much in heavy downpours.

The bag also has a hook and loop attachment for the torches and other tools that you don't want to put inside the bag. Every Chrome Helix bag has easy-to-use straps, that make attachment and removal super easy. The back bottom of the bag also has a stem buckle that wraps around the handlebar's base. It keeps the bag from wobbling, while you fulfill your wanderlust.

4. Dayliner Handlebar & Trunk Box Bag

Name Dayliner Handlebar & Trunk Box Bag
Brand Two Wheel Gear
Storage Capacity 20 Litres
Materials TPU Waterproof Backed 600D Polyester
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Most Gravel, Mountain, Tour, and Other Types of Bikes
Price $120

More about the dayliner handlebar & trunk bag

The Dayliner handlebar and trunk bag have 20 litres of space and the most convenient design known to mankind. With a hidden stem stabilizer and handlebar mounts, the Dayliner can latch onto almost any bike in any position. Keep it in your front basket, attach it to your front or rear rack, and place it on the front handlebar, the choice is yours.

With its quick release and attachment system, you won't have to fidget around with odd locks and straps. The roll-top closure and large storage capacity allow you to store essentials like sleeping bags, shoes, tools, and whatever else you can't store in your pannier.

5. ALPHA Handlebar Bag

Name ALPHA Handlebar Bag
Brand Two Wheel Gear
Storage Capacity 6 Litres of Space
Materials Recycled 600D Poly Diamond Ripstop Fabric
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Most Bikes
Price $99

More about the ALPHA handlebar bag

Transform your everyday commute with the handlebar pack of the future. The Alpha Handlebar Bag is a sleek and compact bag with 6 litres of space, a roll-top closure, and multiple mesh compartments for extra organization.

 These bags will protect your essential phones, tablets, and everything else from the elements.

Not only that, the Alpha handlebar bag also charges your device if you get the Joey T3 console. It's a console that notifies you if you leave your bag behind by accident, charges electronic devices, and protects against viruses. The Alpha is one of the best bar bags on this list and it is easily worth its price.

6. Road Runner Bags California Burrito

Name Road Runner Bags California Burrito
Brand Road Runner Bags
Storage Capacity 3.3 Litres
Materials 1000D Cordura Nylon, Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes, Two Side Pockets
Compatible With Most Gravel, Mountain, Tour Bikes
Price $110
california buyrrito handlebar bag

More about the road runner bags california burrito bag

The Road Runner California Burrito is a cylindrical waterproof handlebar bag perfect for off-road trips, daily commutes, and mountain biking. This bag comes with two side pockets, a secure zipper, and a rigid plastic stiffener. When the Road Runner Burrito is mounted onto a bike, all your space-related problems vanish like snow in the summer sun.

The Road Runner Burrito has convenient straps on its top, that work with most handlebars and drop bars. The rigid plastic stiffener keeps the body from crumbling, while the side pockets give you extra space and quick access. 

Overall, the burrito is one of the better ways to ensure a convenient commute.

7. Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban

Name Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban
Brand Ortlieb
Storage Capacity 5 Litres
Materials PS55C Fabric
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes, Top Flap and Inner Compartments
Compatible With Bike Handlebars with Diameters Less Than 31.8 cm
Price $86.50, and Mounting Kit Costs Extra

More about the ortlieb ultimate six urban handlebar pack

The Ultimate Six Urban is a handlebar bag that's undoubtedly an urban commuter's best friend. This firm and compact bag is completely waterproof, and sports a special transparent top flap that reminds us of a picnic basket. 

The bag is quite spacious with a storage capacity of 5 litres, and a special compartment for phones or other electronic devices.

The bag uses magnetic snap tech, which means you can operate it easily while cruising on mountain trails. 

The bag is beautiful and very functional, with just one jarring flaw, it needs a special mounting system to latch onto a bicycle handlebar. You'll have to buy the mounting system separately.

8. Rapha Bar Bag

Name Rapha Bar Bag
Brand Rapha
Storage Capacity 2 Litres
Materials 100% DWR Treated Polyester
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Most Bikes, especially Gravel Bike Handlebars
Price $70
Rapha bar bag

More about the rapha bar bag

The Rapha bar bag is one of the most fashionable bikepacking handlebar bags in the market. It has a sleek and chic cross body, that turns into an essential fashion item as soon as you get off the bike. 

The stow-away sling straps allow you to carry this bag loud and proud, while your essential items remain safe and secure inside.

The bag is made with 100% DWR Treated Polyester, which means everything's waterproof. You can attach this bag to your bike frame or the handlebar, thanks to its durable Hyperlon straps.

 Unfortunately, the Rapha bag has a limited storage capacity of 2 liters. However, it is important to remember that most handlebar bags are complements to larger bags like panniers.

9. Swift Industries Catalyst Pack

Name Swift Industries Catalyst Pack
Brand Swift Industries
Storage Capacity 7.5 Litres
Materials ECOPAK™ EPLX400, RBC™ 450D, and TPU Ripstop
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Most Bikes
Price $160
Swift industries catalyst bike handlebar pack

More about the catalyst pack

The Swift Industries Catalyst Pack is a versatile front and saddle bag with 7.5 litres of space. This compact bag is made with recycled and durable ECOPAK™ EPLX400, RBC™ 450D, and TPU Ripstop. 

The manufacturer behind this product puts extra emphasis on sustainability. 
This bag also comes with Fastex Buckles, which makes attaching and removing the bag much easier. What really makes this a great bag compared to other smaller bags, is how it combines more storage capacity with design. 

What we don't like about the Catalyst bag is that the shoulder straps cost extra. Overall, it's a great handlebar bag for bikepacking. 

10. Revelate Pronghorn

Name Revelate Pronghorn
Brand Revelate
Storage Capacity Variable
Materials Challenge Ultra 200 UHMWPE
Is It Waterproof? Yes
Does it have compartments? Yes
Compatible With Mountain Bikes, Gravel Bikes, Touring Bikes, Any Other Bike Except For Cantilever And Road Styled Front Bikes
Price $145 to $160
california buyrrito handlebar bag

More about the revelate pronghorn bag

The Revelate Pronghorn is a bulky but great bag that can store as much as most small-sized panniers. This bad boy latches onto the front of your bike with a handlebar harness that's tighter than a vice grip. 

The inside of the bag contains fiberglass stay that keeps your items from shifting around while you're enjoying the ride on your bikepacking trip.

The Pronghorn dry bag is made with Challenge Ultra 200 UHMWPE, which means water isn't getting in unless it's a biblical flood. The biggest downside of this bag is the size. If you fill the bag, it looks like you're carrying a giant cushion or pillow, which isn't good for weight balancing.

Which Handlebar Bag Should You Use?

Different handlebar bags serve different purposes. Here are some bags with their best use cases to help you find the best bar bag for your needs:

Best Handlebar Bag for Touring Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag
Best Handlebar Bag for Commute Clutch Bar Bag, Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban
Best Handlebar Bag for Bikepacking Alpha Smart Handlebar Bag
Largest Handlebar Bag Dayliner Handlebar and Trunk Box
Easiest to Use Handlebar Bag Clutch Bar Bag

You can any of these bags according to your storage needs. Also, you don't necessarily need to use only one handlebar bag because you can get two or three of your favorite ones. 

The handlebar bags on this list, except the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban, are easy to attach and remove from a bike.

Conclusion: The Best Handlebar Bags For Everyday Journeys

Handlebar bags are a great way to carry more items on your bicycle, overburdening your rear tires and panniers. 

However, a bag handlebar bag won't help you much. Ideally, you will need a bag that can store items while keeping them safe from the elements. The bags also need to be versatile and easy to use.

Fortunately, our list includes the best handlebar bags of 2024. We highly recommend trying out the Alpha Smart or Dayliner Mini handlebar bag because it's affordable, waterproof, widely compatible, and easily convertible. The best part is it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

You even get free shipping across the US and UK on orders above $100.

Order your best handlebar bags today to make your daily commute easier and more convenient.

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