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Bike to Work Guide

Get the Right Gear

Bike Accessories

Everyone will have different preferences for gizmos, gadgets and gear, but here are a few essentials every rider should have:

  • White Front Light
  • Red Back Lilght
  • Bell (It's the law in most countries, check your local laws)
  • Bike Lock (Not cable locks, invest in a U-Lock or Bordo)
  • Water Bottle Cage


Bike Clothing

People like to get hung up on this but the truth is you really don't need anything special in terms of bike clothes. No lycra is required for daily commuting (unless you’re into that). A pair of comfortable shorts, tights or jeans that stretch (we recommend DU/ER), solid sole shoes, a helmet and perhaps sunglasses is a good start.

If you bike in the shoulder seasons, you may also want to invest in a good waterproof jacket and waterproof pants. Add in a pair of light cycling gloves when it starts to get chilly. 

If you continue biking through the winter, consider a pair of insulated cycling pants, winter mitts, a toque/beanie for under your helmet, a winter jacket and even a pair of ski goggles if it gets really hairy. 

Lastly, if you are often commuting in the dark, seriously consider a reflective vest.

Main resting on bike wearing a reflective vest.



Two Wheel Gear Pannier

What is a pannier and do I need one?

A pannier is a bike bag that attaches to either your front or rear bike rack. You need to have a bike rack installed to use panniers but they are a relatively inexpensive and simple accessory to add to most bikes. Panniers carry the load and free the rider from a sore, sweaty back. A Two Wheel Gear pannier is designed to convert for easy carry when your off your bike as well.

Here is how the Two Wheel Gear Pannier Laptop Messenger Bag Works.

Pannier Messenger Attachment


What bag is best for me?

Whether you have a bike rack or not, there's a bag out there that is the perfect fit for your style of commuting. Here are a few of our bags that are specifically created for carrying.


Best for: All around bike commuting

Why it works: Converts between pannier and backpack for quick and easy carrying. Organized with pockets that protect your laptop and gear. This bag makes you ready for anything.

Check it out: Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.0 LITE and Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.3 PLUS

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible on a bike rack and being used as a backpack.


Best for: Commuting with clothes

Why it works: The business professional's bike bag. A cross between a traditional travel garment bag and a double sided pannier. Keeps clothes wrinkle-free and organizes everything from laptops to shower gear.

Check it out: Garment Pannier 3.0

Two Wheel Gear Garment Pannier - Classic 3.0


Best for: Laptops

Why it works: A ready-to-roll business bag with 4 sections. The pannier attachments zip away turning it into a hybrid messenger bag for the office. Attaches to any standard bike rack.

Check it out: Magnate Pannier Messenger Backpack

Two Wheel Gear Magnate Pannier Laptop Messenger Backpack


Best for: Bulky Gear

Why it works: With the combined storage capacity of a collapsable duffel with the smart efficiency of a zip-away pannier system this bag offers maximum trunk space.

Check it out: Pannier Duffel

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Duffle on a Bike Rack


Best for: Basically Anything

Why it works: The perfect A to Beyond commuter bag. The streamlined design and air mesh backflow make it perfect for your ride or daily hustle. The side laptop access simply makes your life better.

Check it out: Commute Backpack

Two Wheel Gear Commute Backpack


Best for: Commuting, Errands & Shopping

Why it works: This bag is in it's own category with 4 modes to use. It's a trunk bag that can be attached to a front or rear rack, your handlebar bars or carried like a messenger bag. This large waterproof roll top lets you over pack when you get too much at the farmer's market.

Check it out: Dayliner Handlebar & Trunk Box Bag

Two Wheel Gear Dayliner Handlebar & Trunk Box Bag


Best for: Your "Purse" on a Bike

Why it works: Easy to use handlebar attachments with a removable shoulder strap. The roll top closure with zipper and internal pockets make this perfect for your small errands.

Check it out: Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag

Two Wheel Gear Dayliner Mini


Best for: Phone, Wallet, Keys, Miscellaneous

Why it works: The centre console of your bike. Keep items you need handy like your phone, wallet, and keys close at hand.

Check it out: Commute Top Tube 

Commute Top Tube


Best for: Tools, Jacket, Gloves

Why it works: Extra storage space that is out of the way and easy to access. Perfect for all your on-the-road maintenance tools and extra layer when your not sure if the weather will hold out.

Check it out: Seat Pack Small & Seat Pack Large

Commute Seat Pack


Best for: Touring

Why it works: Whether its a day trip or weekend adventure, the frame bag takes un-utilized space on your bike and turns it into an e􀀂cient place for tools, jackets, camping gear, or anything you pick up along the way. Available in 2 sizes to 􀀃t most frames.

Check it out: Mamquam Frame Bag S/MMamquam Frame Bag L/XL

Two Wheel Gear Frame Bag


The best time to start biking to work is now.