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Two Wheel Gear Videos

We work hard to inspire, entertain and advocate. 

The Two Wheel Gear Video Reel

Episode 1: "Peek At What You're Packing"

A humorous look at the early days of Two Wheel Gear. This undeniably goofy 2-part series takes you inside the corporate locker room. While developing the Classic Garment Pannier, Reid Hemsing was often asked what the heck kind of bag he was using to transport his suits by bare-all executives. 

Episode 2: "Peter"

Continuing the ridiculous nature of analyzing everyone else's gear in the corporate locker room, Episode 2 makes light of Two Wheel Gear's new, smaller bag. Not necessarily the executive carry-all solution as the Garment Pannier but the Pannier Backpack also has its merits. Peter is caught in a surprising discussion on his gear straight out of the showers.

Georgia Simmerling - Transcending Skis and Bikes to Make History

In 2016, Two Wheel Gear sponsored local Ski legend, Georgia Simmerling in her goal of switching to cycling becoming the first Canadian athlete to compete in 3 different sports, in 3 different Olympic games. Her squad went on to win bronze in Rio for Team Pursuit in Track Cycling. This is Georgia's story. 

"The Morning Ride" The Executive Bike Commuter

This is the trademark brand video showing a local executive's bike commute from his home into the busy business core. Cornering majestic North Vancouver to crossing the infamous Lions Gate bridge into the hustle of downtown. This short film lets you experience the feeling of a west coast morning ride into company HQ.

Why Do You Bike to work?

In a recent bike to work week event in our hometown of Vancouver, BC, we asked hundreds of commuters why they biked to work. This is the collection of the best answers we recorded showing the diversity and reasoning behind why many Vancouverites take to commuting on two wheels.