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Adam Godet

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Adam Godet

Location: Washington, DC
Bike: REI City 1.3
Occupation: Woodworker
Started Commuting: 2007
Commute Distance (one way): 9.5 miles

Adam's advice for new commuters, "Try it on a non work day. Plot your course carefully and take it when traffic is light and you have time. Figure out where the turns are and what the safest route is. Do it for the first work day on a non-consequential day (no big meetings, etc.)"


Is your city commuter-friendly?



Why did you decide to start commuting?

Freedom. No traffic delays; I can fix a bike myself; no public transit concerns.


What is your most important piece of gear?



What is your favourite aspect of daily riding?

I like to combine exercise with the commute. Also, my current path has me going through the woods!


What is the worst part of commuting?

Getting back into sweaty clothes to ride home!

What is the coolest thing you've ever seen while on your bike?

A unicorn!


Do you have any commuting hacks to share?

Pack your bag the night will remove one little barrier that could keep you from doing it the next day. You're already committed!


Have you ever been in an accident while riding? What happened?

Yes. Twice I was hit by motor vehicles. Once I was crossing a street, in a crosswalk, and a car sped through and hit me. Another time I was rearended by a shuttle bus. 


What is your stance on wearing a helmet? What are the laws like in your area?

Always wear it! I had a bad accident several years ago (rear-ended by a shuttle bus). Helmet probably saved my life.


If you could create any kind of gadget or gear for your bike, what would it be?

A tool box that integrated into the bike in hard case. It has all the allen keys, a spare tube, adjustable wrench, pliers, spoke wrench, etc.


Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your ride?

Yes and no. I commuted less, but only because I worked from home.


Follow Adam at @godet_woodworking.