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Two Wheel Gear Company Team
We believe every great day starts with a bike ride.

We have a special following with the riders and fans that use our gear. We get countless emails and messages with both praise and critiques from very passionate riders. We read them all, and they fuel the fires of innovation determination that drives us to deliver the very best for you.

A passion for daily riding that propelled an entrepreneurial dream and sparked a grassroots community movement.

Our Foundation

It all started in a Calgary basement in 1999 with a borrowed sewing machine and few pointers from an accomodating monther-in-law. Pioneering bike communter Craig Coulombe together with longtime friend and entrepreneur Ken MacLean merged the functionality of a travel garment bag with the mobility of a bike pannier, inventing the world’s first bike suit bag. What they created would go on to become a classic, empowering riders everywhere to embrace the bike commuting lifestyle.

Our Evolution

Years later, in 2010, Reid Hemsing started working with Ken and Craig to expand the Two Wheel Gear brand. Reid was a true believer, and felt deeply connected to the movement that Ken and Craig had started. Inspired to bring it to the mainstream, he purchasing the company from Ken and Craig in 2012.

Classic 2.0

Reid used the Classic in his own daily commute, testing it in every weather condition, dreaming about what the company could acheive one day. He spent years gathering feedback and insight. Designing, developing, and testing a new school of commuting bags out of his basement workshop. The result of his efforts is the Classic 2.0, which ushered in a new era for both the business and the community they serve.

Innovation & Growth

Never satisfied, Reid forges ahead, now with a growing team of talented and passionate riders committed to equipping and expanding the movement. Like lead product developer Greg Bass, they are determined to make sure sure every detail is seen to. Together, they push boundaries, elevate expectations, and find new paths forward, all for the singluar purpose of creating the very best bags in the world.
But we don’t just build bags. We build community. We lead the way.

We believe that life is best enjoyed actively, on two wheels. We seek opportunities to engage, connect and explore the world around us. We care about each other and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

We recognize those who inspire.

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We empower growth for every rider.

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We relentlessly pursue innovation.

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