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The Classic Bike Suit Bag Reviewed by Commute by Bike!

As a fairly young company out to design products specifically for urban cycling, we were excited -- and maybe a bit nervous -- to have one of the blogosphere's most respected authority on bike commuting, Commute by Bike, tell us that they'd like to review our bag! Well, after some nail biting and waiting for the verdict to come out, we are extremely pleased to say that we managed to prove to the bike commuting community that our bag managed to impress:

"Overall Evaluation. This is a seriously well-thought-out product. There is a certain elegant simplicity to the design that translates equally into usability and effectiveness.

The pannier(s)/bag offered excellent, dare I say, serious, protection for my clothing, and it/they are easy to mount and dismount (once you get the hang of it). They are light and versatile enough that you may even consider using them as touring panniers for short trips, or shopping, provided your purchases are not too bulky.

All in all a serious effort."

Check out the whole review at Commute by Bike titled "Seriously? A Bike Bag for your Dress Clothes?". Like the review says, our product is good, but working with feedback from our customers who use the Classic Commuter Pannier everyday, we are in the works of making it even better. More to come!


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