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Ambassador Profile - Sarah Bulford

Meet Sarah!

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Sarah Bulford

Squamish-based athlete and sports enthusiast Sarah Bulford - aka @mountaindarlin - is a passionate advocate of the Great Outdoors. With a background in social media marketing, she currently works as the Social Media Director for print and digital magazine Mountain Life, and has been a brand ambassador for global companies - including GoPro, Arcteryx, Klim and Redbull.

Having ridden all sorts of bikes throughout her life, including dirt biking and mountain biking,Sarah also uses a road bike to commute around her local area. “I ride my bike to get groceries, down to the river or to work at local cafes”, she says. “I share a vehicle with my partner, so cycling is an awesome way to get around when I’m vehicle-less.” Her ride? “A vintage Cannondale commuter bike my dad's friend found, covered in spider webs in his garage!

Exploring on a Human-Powered Ride

Having recently tried out some Two Wheel Gear, Sarah’s a big fan of the Pannier Backpack Convertibles for keeping her laptop and extra layers safe and dry in the rainy West Coast weather. She also loves the option to wear it as a backpack for off-bike exploring.

As someone who rides dirt bikes as a hobby, Sarah says having something human-powered to explore on is important to her thanks to the sense of freedom that often comes from cycling alone. “Compared to my 200 lb motorcycle, it feels like I’m flying when I get out on my road bike!”

We asked what kind of advice she’d give to others thinking about getting out on their bike more. The answer was pretty simple: “Hop on a bike and go!” “It doesn’t matter what you’re riding”, she says, “as long as you’re riding! Make sure you always have a pump and tool kit with you for emergencies, too.”


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