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Aaaandd We're Back....

Hi there,

I know what you’re thinking, “Two Wheel Gear, you haven’t blogged in a while, where have you been?”. Well it’s been a year, so let’s get caught up. In that time, we relaunched the brand, designed and built new products, moved into new offices in Vancouver...and went for a few pretty epic rides here in the Pacific Northwest. But it wasn’t all fun and games. This time last year, Two Wheel Gear was our little baby that we devoted all hours to. That is, when we weren’t working away at our ‘9-to-5’ gigs. In late 2013 this all changed and with this major personal shift, came a desire to update the brand to be more about who we are now and who we’re striving to become. Building beautifully simple commuter gear that is both highly functional and looks great everywhere is what we do now - full-time.

Since quietly updating the brand and website in early spring, some have commented that we might be straying from the singular focus of building gear for the bike commuter. We will always believe pedal-powered is the better way and we also think yours and our daily urban adventure involves more than a simple ride to work. It was because of this we challenged ourselves to build a new generation of bags & accessories that are awesome whether you ride, walk or use transit. This was the inspiration for The Heath Messenger Bag as we aimed to build a true wanderlust companion.

In the coming months, you’ll see updates to your favorite 2WG products like The Classic, new gear designed ground-up here in Vancouver and wider retail availability. Along the way, we’ll be delivering more stories about where our journey takes us, where 2WG takes you and the urban commuting lifestyle.


The 2WG Team


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