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How to Get Back Into Cycling After a Long Break

We’ve all been there. One minute cycling is everything, the next we realize we haven’t pulled on our cycling gear in months.

Whether you got tired of one rainy commute too many, or suffered an injury that made cycling a struggle, there are lots of reasons people fall out of the riding habit.

The good news is, there are lots more reasons to fall back into the saddle-and we have the guidance you need to get back into it!

Start Slow

This kind of goes without saying if you’ve been out of any exercise for an extended period of time, but it’s always wise to pace yourself. Go too hard too soon and you might end up straight back out of the habit again.

Try a few short rides two or three times a week on quiet roads or in the park. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you notice progress. On top of this, you’ll also (hopefully!) remember how fun it is, and how much better you feel for it.

Choose the Right Ride

Who feels enthusiastic about riding a bike they feel unsafe or uncomfortable on? Choosing the right ride for what you need is important. There’s a massive range of bikes out there made to suit your needs and experience level.

If you’re coming back to cycling and your bike has seen better days, do some online research or head to a reputable bike shop to ask for something that is easy to ride and comfortable.

Road cyclists can also check out our blog, The Best Beginner Road Bikes for Under $1000 for affordable, well-reviewed road bikes. If your bike is still going strong but just needs some attention, follow our guide to fixing common bike issues so you can hit the road again with confidence.

Cycle with Purpose

It can be easier to get back into the swing of things when you have a time-sensitive end point. If you need to get to meet an appointment across town, for example, or arrive at work by 9am.

By committing to riding to work three days per week, you can more easily track your progress.What once took you 45 minutes could quickly become 40, and so on. Starting off like this is a great way to motivate yourself and get back into the routine of commuting on two wheels again.

Mix it up

The most common reason for quitting something is because we no longer enjoy it. If you’re a road cyclist but are ready to try something new, challenge yourself with a different type of riding. Whether it’s gravel riding, mountain biking, seeing what the e-bike trend is all about or heading out on some fat tires, sometimes keeping it fresh can be the key to rediscovering your passion for cycling.


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